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About Us

The Leschenault Mensshed opened its doors in 2012 and an expansion in 2015 saw the workshop area double to what it is today which is 400 sq mts plus a 50 sq mt patio area.
We are currently actively persuing fundraising for an additional building which will double the Sheds size and allow different more passive activities for members.
The Rotary Club of Bunbury sponsored the fundraising and building of the shed and remain actively involved with a member on the management committee. 
The purpose of the Mens shed is to improve the health and well being of men both physically and mentally, to share fellowship and skills by participating in a range of activities such as woodwork, metalwork social activities and hobbies.
Mens Sheds play an inportant role in providing men with a place to connect, a community to belong to and mates that make it all worthwhile.


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